Hi, I'm Eugene

I am a product designer. I believe in storytelling through the process of design that puts the user at the heart of all decisions. While shaping business objectives.

> San Francisco Bay Area <

Winkk - Trusted Transactions in a Snap

Re-design of a multi-factor authentication application for mobile and desktop.

LIFTDAY Mobile Application

Full production cycle: from the problem recognition to the Play store release. Full Stack Design, User testing, Scrum facilitation.

UX Expert Reviews (Herbalife Nutrition)

Usability inspection of existing web and mobile applications.

Calypso Navigator

Redesigned the Calypso application suite Launchpad for the desktop. 

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

Performed research and design for a private cloud infrastructure and on-demand provisioning management solution for IT operations.

Currencies Trading Solutions (Calypso)

Designed the new FOREX /Equity Trading User Interface.  UI Design, prototypes, proof of concepts, demos.


For over ten years, I have worked on B2B and B2C products on Android, iOS, web, and desktop platforms from concept to production, owning Digital Experiences and User Interfaces. I am adept at approaching challenges through quantitative and qualitative research, testing, and iteration.

My goal is to make software more enjoyable by creating solutions that derive directly from real users scenarios and reduce pain points. User interfaces should look beautiful and help people resolve issues simply, without creating more problems.

My approach to User-Centered Design is to balance customer and business needs, push the boundaries of engineering, and design products, experiences, and applications that serve to create the best possible experience.


Product Design +User Experience + UI Design + Information Architecture + Interaction Design + Visual Design + UI Development + Product Management + Scrum Facilitation + Mobile/Desktop/Web


For simple interactions : Sketch, InVision, Principle.
For advanced prototypes, involving JavaScript coding : Axure RP, Framer.
For proof of concept, and production-ready integrations: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS.


Outside of the office, I enjoy learning a new skill every year. More recently, I have become deep diving certified, learned to ride a motorcycle, started landscaping and hardscaping, and competed in slalom and GS ski racing amongst other things!


It was a great honor for me to work with these people – they are some of the most supportive, competent, determined and intelligent individuals I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. Here’s what they have said:

“Eugene is passionate about the usability and visual quality of user interfaces. This rubs off on those he works with and adds a real spark to development projects.”

– Marcus Varnai, director of product management, Calypso Technology

“I have finally see the scheduled task [user] interface , and I have to say, I so much like it!
Thank you for the improvements!  It is so much easier to work with especially since I can do everything I need from one place!”

– Susie Thirion, professional services and support, Calypso Technology

“[Eugene’s] designs were absolutely essential in helping me formulate my ideas and also have images to help ‘sell’ these ideas to others.”

– Catherine Wood, product manager, Cisco Systems

Eugene demonstrated excellent skills in programming, interaction design, graphic design, and an excellent can do attitude.”

– Paul Boster, engineering peer, Blue Coat Systems

“Extremely talented, works hard, creative, listens and responds to users.”

– Anne Cesa Klein, engineering manager, Packeteer

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