Calypso Navigator



Calypso application suite, written on Java for Windows desktops, had a main entry point application. It’s a main menu with Swing-Java feel UI, called Main Entry. Cumbersome, ugly, customizable through pain, not really used by majority of Calypso users. As the first thing most people see of Calypso it is not a good impression. In demos you hear: “This is Calypso Main Entry, from here we have access to all the trade types and …” ergh!
Welcome the Calypso Navigator! Replacing Main Entry completely.
Brainstorming and sketches first:
New overall design of UI:
One of the orchestrated usecases:
bunch of new icons, of course:
Half-baked implementation along the process:
Three main layout variations. The user can switch to any of these at any time:
Possible color schemes for the users to choose from:
In the attempt of promoting the modern technology, I wanted to utilize SVG vector graphics, instead of raster PNG. For loading spinner, for example.
Some tweaks of the implemented UI are needed:


In spite we faced some obstacles along the implementation (like, the length of animated transition must not exceed 200ms) the Calypso Navigator launched successfully, and replaced the old and obsolete Main entry. It utilizes draggable tiles, nicer icons and colors. It’s fully customizable by users. It comes with good valuable presets out-of-the-box, and even with Calypso applications windows management.
In conclusion I want to share a screenshot from Phase Two of the project, for the Windows 7 Aero. It includes the smooth animation during mouse interactions, e.g. mouseover, rearranging tiles with drag and drop; carefully thought through shades, gradients, and colors.
Calypso Navigator high-fidelity mockup