Currencies Trading Solutions (Calypso)

While working for Calypso Technology, this was one of a significant series of projects I was involved in.

For most cases, the product managers asked for interactive prototypes, meaning fully simulated pre-sales or sales demos, which I used Axure RP to develop.


I performed market research and a competitive analysis, to determine if there was a customer need for this particular product to be developed by Calypso.

After that, I went through multiple design iterations from low-fidelity to high-fidelity mockups.

Additionally, I designed multiple iterations of the interactive prototype. I added features to make it dynamic, allowing the design and functionality to be validated through testing. I tested the designs internally first, with product management, and then with the clients, potential buyers, and partners.

Axure prototype –

Axure prototype - FX (forex) trading station

Forex Trading Quick Entry console (Axure prototype)


Axure prototype –

Axure prototype - FX (forex) pricer

FOREX/Equity Options Flow Pricer (Axure prototype)


The most complex interactions, which include FX (FOREX) trade calculations, are coded with JavaScript, while some styles are done with CSS/HTML.  JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are injected in the Axure prototypes.


The design process helped product managers narrow down what products they want to build. Trading solutions were developed and publicly released, and became part of Calypso’s Front Office offering.