Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

Cisco needed to visualize a new product for their internal needs – Cisco Service Portal. My role was to help them with the user journeys and task flows, as well as with the UI design.

Threshold policy selection

Threshold policy selection

I did market research on which UI framework would be preferable to build on.

I delivered wireframes and high fidelity mockups. I also participated in building a Bootstrap prototype.

Below are selected mockups depicting user interactions:

Customers table

Customer’s table

Customers-Dashboard-Change Quotas

Customer’s-Dashboard-Change Quotas

Customers-Dashboard-See Usage

Customer’s-Dashboard-See Usage

Engineers table

Engineer’s table


Engineers-Dashboard Details Popup

Engineer’s-Dashboard Details Popup


Engineers-Dashboard Change Role Popup

Engineer’s-Dashboard Change Role Popup


I presented my findings and design decisions to product managers. The product managers shared the design vision with the stakeholders, which helped the involved parties define the product features and possible scenarios for the configuration of the VM.

I helped the product managers develop a clearer picture of what they wanted to build. This, in turn, helped them plan the further development, request resources, and update the product roadmap.