LIFTDAY Mobile Application

Mobile application for bodybuilders and trainers.
LiftDay application is a workout journal and complete gym assistant, which helps to record physical exercises, analyze progress, and keep track of fitness and health.



Goal: to simplify the process of logging the physical activities, the access to the logs, and the analysis of the training progress.
Reasoning: there are no easy-to-use automated tool or app on the market. Pen and paper? I lost in this pile of barely readable sticky papers.
Ultimate goal: to build a platform, which includes mobile and desktop access to user’s profile, and a unique hardware device, which will assist in weight lifting exercises without touching the mobile phone.



Let’s brainstorm and start with sketches. Actually, before the sketches, I want to be confident the world needs LiftDay. I started with initial market and user research. I interviewed bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. I had coffee talks, meetings with bodybuilders and trainers, and conducted a survey.
Below is the screenshot of the survey I ran to determine if people will want this product at all:
Talking about UX Research, the user studies and usability testing is a never-ending process, as well as development. It’s an essential part of the design and development cycles, during our two-week Sprints.

UX Research

conducted for LiftDay project:

Non-testing forms:

  • Survey
  • User interviews
  • Field research -> Contextual Inquiry with the observations how users perform tasks (exercising in the gym)

Testing forms:

  • Prototyping (before coding)
  • Non-lab usability testing (In gym environment where user is using the app build from the latest Sprint)
  • Heuristic evaluation (by bodybuilders/experts)
Results of the survey were controversial. About half of the people said they will not bring any smartphones to the gym floor.
Those who wanted to keep track of their workouts will use a specially designed proprietary and wishfully “smarter” device.
Still I decided to do this.
Let’s brainstorm and do the sketches.
Branding, mobile app screens, core usecases (which became Epics in our Scrum process):
Let it be the logo for now:
Thinking in larger scale I started to sketch and mockup the physical gadget for this.
and detailed specs:
And the Architecture of the whole system (yes, I can wear multiple hats):
Let’s get back to the mobile app. There are bunch of core usecases, and dozens of UI screens (Balsamiq Mockups).
UI Design specs (Adobe Photoshop):
UI specs and interactions with developers, and the development itself, which is way slower than expected. Probably it’s a long way to the production…
For example, just a registration/login itself (Omnigraffle diagram):
Here comes the internationalization:
Icons, icons…
Ok, if we can’t do the dedicated gadget, can we use existing smartwatch? It’s a good start, right?
And here comes the Android Wear. (These mockups are done in Omnigraffle – great tool, which lost the market to Sketch)
Yes, I directed the promo video as well. I wrote the scenario script, hired models, and found the studio.
Here is the final app design. Screenshots enhanced in Photoshop:
Soon I discovered how short tempered users are, and how easy to leave a negative feedback, which ultimately makes my application disappear from all Google searches. Apps with low ratings never show up in the list of search results, even with the exact word match. This is how Google’s algorithm works. Of course, I don’t want our users leave negative reviews. That’s why I implemented the diagram below, which adds more control, and encourages users to write a private feedback about the problems they face.


The app is out and have some users. Not exactly what I wanted, but I need some time to pause and re-think it.
The LiftDay REST API is here, the recommendation engine, access rules, basic set of exercises. but… The list of exercises in the database is tiny. iPhone is not covered. Webapp for browsers is not done. Community is not built. Our gadget, our super-duper tool of convenience, where are you?Let me know if you are interested to participate, and pick up this project together.And don’t forget to download the LIFTDAY app here: